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Find me in Art Yellow Book / CICA Museum

“Artist Book Their DIY Art Space”

Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

CICA Museum’s art book project “Art Yellow Book” provides a unique art space for artists. Unlike gallery spaces, art books are portable and ubiquitous. Unlike online media, books are tactile and “real.” Art Yellow Book aims to create a space where individual artists can freely express themselves and become media themselves.
Art Yellow Book #2 features 59 artists from around the world. Each artist freely organized two facing pages in the book, using these pages as an exhibition form and an advertisement for themselves and their work.

Find me on page 76!



Limner Gallery – Neoteric Abstract IV

I am honoured and overjoyed to announce Neoteric Abstract IV exhibition, featuring all three of my Seansthesia video art!

About Neoteric Abstract IV Exhibition

SlowArt Productions presents the fourth Neoteric Abstract exhibition. This exhibition is exclusively for the abstract artist and will represent a full range of abstraction, from the geometric to the lyrical, from the precise to the raw. Entry is open to all artists working in any media. The exhibition will be held at Limner Gallery,  April 14- May 7, 2016.

About the gallery

Limner Gallery was founded in 1987 at 216 East 10th Street in Manhattan’s East Village. At that time, the Village was the center of the alternative art scene and Limner quickly became notorious for it’s controversial and provocative exhibitions. Taking advantage of the 1980’s art boom, the gallery operated successfully and developed it’s client base at this location. In 1990 the gallery moved to a loft space at 598 Broadway in Soho. At that time Soho was New York City’s preeminent gallery district (find out more)